Stage2startups.org was created to help experienced workers become entrepreneurs.

We have offered numerous events in New York City and recently started offering workshops addressing key issues desired by entrepreneurs, such as ideation, funding, and partners. More importantly, we are also addressing a need for a social, supportive, and motivational community that focuses on older entrepreneurs while it teaches entrepreneurs of different generations how to interact with each other. Our signature panel events highlight transitions from corporate employees to second career founders, such as …

  • the former insurance company CIO who leads a data analytics company
  • the former magazine editor who is a successful novelist
  • an ex-finance executive who sells salsa sauce in Whole Foods
  • a former consumer products marketer who now runs a school.

We found our events were being attended by people who had MBAs and other advanced degrees. “Our hosts included university entrepreneurship and career management centers, accelerators, and co-working spaces. Recently we were told we even inspired an organization to start in Brazil, helping American homeless people give English lessons to Brazilians.

It’s never too late to start a company and you can find help, motivation and resources if you look for them.