Observations From Attendees:

"I attended the event held on August 2, 2017 by Stage2Startups on different funding options for entrepreneurs to explore. The event location was well organized and the speakers had much valuable information to provide. However, what reallly appealed to me as an attendee was the choice of topics, the size, and overall environment of the event in comparison to other networking meetings that I have attended in the past. It was not that large to become overwhelming but was the right size to make it really personable and comfortable for attendees to have all their questions answered. The tone of the meeting was not formal and stuffy at all. In fact, the moderator kept the mood upbeat which immediately allowed the participants to be spontataneous and the audience to have a relaxed interaction. It was also apparent that the organizers had put in a lot of thought in choosing topics that would be realistic and relevant to busy entrepreneurs. I highly recommend Stage2Startups and encourage those interested to attend their upcoming events."

- Priya Thacker, CEO Vedic Syergy Inc. (http://vedicsynergy.com)


"Funding Options for Mid-Life Startup Founders & Experienced Entrepreneurs" was a well organized and informative seminar and panel discussion. While the content and information provided by the speakers and organizer were superlative, what set this event apart was its intimate local workshop feel. People engaged in spirited discussion, learned new ways of thinking about financing and shared stories and information that provided direction and a solid foundation for further action."

- Franklin Abrams, Partner of Spring UT Law (http://www.springutlaw.com)

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